Our US member Kurt Landsberger, who will turn 94 end of December, got married again - it already happened on March 16, as we can learn from this web announcement. Belated congratulations!

Elmars Zemgalis 09/09/1923 - 08/12/2014
An obituary by John Donaldson was published at ChessBase (German pages): Nachruf 


On 29 November, the traditional book market was held at the Max Euwe Center (MEC) in Amsterdam. Michael Negele was on the spot and has taken a series of photos.


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In the middle of November our US friend Larry List was again in Europe, to visit the Man Ray auction in Paris and once more the Düsseldorf artist Takako Saito (see our last year's short report). Michael Negele has provided a summary (with many photos) about his Sunday tour with Larry to the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl (on 16-11-2014).

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Guy Van Habberney and Henri Serruys are pleased to announce their new publication which is only available for members of the KWF&A - The first 4 years of our CSQ newsletter in one volume!

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Jonathan Schick has unearthed another interesting document from Akiba Rubinstein's visit to the U.S. in 1928. See Avital Pilpel's blog on Jewish Chess History:


A new book by Alessandro Sanvito has been published by Messaggerie Scacchistiche: I codici scacchistici del Bonus Socius e del Civis Bononiae, see www.messaggeriescacchistiche.it/....
There is also offered an excerpt from the book.

This years’ collectors’ meeting of the German CCI section, where also the members of the Ken Whyld Foundation & Association had been invited to, had been painstakingly planned and prepared by Dr. Thomas Thomsen and Prof. Wolfgang Angerstein.

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In late summer Andreas Saremba paid a visit to the German chess artist Elke Rehder – here is his short report.

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The Last Part of Lasker’s Legacy


In his colorful report of our visit to Saint Louis, and especially of the Sinquefield Cup Tournament Michael Negele announced a separate note from my pen on our activities in the World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF).

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Visit of an Absolute Super Tournament in St. Louis -  
the Second Sinquefield Cup,
August 27 to September 7

This year’s Sinquefield Cup had been announced as the "strongest tournament of all time". Michael Negele and Robert van de Velde were on the spot and also met there 5 other KWF&A members – the "Magnificent Seven" were completed by Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam (the third member from Europe) and the 4 US members John Donaldson, Larry List, Tony Rich and Michael Utt.

- A short addendum (29-10-2014) - see page 6!

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The biography of Miguel Najdorf written by his daughter Liliana, Najdorf x Najdorf (Biblioteca Nacional: Editorial Gran Blanco, Buenos Aires 1999 and 2008. 214 pp.) has been translated into Polish. Our member Tomasz Lissowski has kindly provided scans and photos.

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