Introductory Membership

For all chess collectors and chess historians who are still indecisive to join us, we have a special and generous offer, namely a free introductory membership. As this is a temporary offer, valid for three months only, you should not hesitate too long! More details in this flyer (in German and English).

Our long-time member Bernd Schneider (Solingen) turned 50 on last Friday, 10th of April.

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A substantial step has been made in our bibliography project which still constitutes the chief aim of our association. Last year Per Skjoldager established a first version of a database which is operational and available to our members.
Read more on our page Database of Chess Bibliography.


For those who have not yet paid the membership fee for this year 2015, we would like to remind you that you have only till April 1st to benefit from the reduced fee of 35 € or $45. Please take also notice of our new Dutch bank account which is given in our Imprint.

Recently our member Luca D’Ambrosio (Bolzano) was quite busy with organizing the anniversary tournament of the "Bozner Open" (taking place for the first time in a castle!) as well as a living chess performance in Bolzano.

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After a few years of absence I had decided to come to Wijk aan Zee once more to attend our informal gathering and to visit the other places of interest in connection with the chess celeb-studded tournament. 

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Just back from a two-day visit to Amsterdam and Wijk aan Zee, we can offer the first snapshots (provided by Michael Negele) - it's only a very short foretaste of what will come, as we plan to give soon a more detailed pictorial report on this tour.

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Paul Tamm, a chess enthusiast from Estonia, has published a biography of his unforgotten compatriot Paul Keres ...

Read more in our column New Chess Literature.

Former member Udo Güldner and member Rudolf Glenk have recently published the interview of Rudolf Glenk on the occasion of the latter's 75th birthday in book form.

Read more in our column New Chess Literature.

We would like to inform our members that the Ken Whyld Association has a new account number, please see the Imprint for details. We had to switch to a Dutch Bank (ING Bank) because we are now incorporated under Dutch law.

From now on, all member dues should be paid to this account number, and members are urged to delete the former TARGO Bank account number.
According to the decision made in June in Braunschweig, the 2015 membership dues will be increased, that is to say 35 € or $ 45 for those who pay before April 1, 2015, and 45 € or $ 55 for those who pay after that date. First-time members pay 45 € or $ 55.

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