A just released problem book by Michael Schlosser and Martin Minski stands in the tradition of T.R. Dawson’s and W. Pauly’s classic Asymmetry (A.C. White’s Christmas Series, 1927). Their work ASymmetrie contains a stupendous wealth of problems from all genres composed in the last ca 170 years, the earliest dating from 1841.

Read a short review in our column New Chess Literature.

Moreover our Italian member Marco Campioli has given a lecture on endgame studies to the players of the Club 64 (Chess club of Modena), for some photographs have a look at this gallery.

PS (07/06/2013): Due to losing his interest in chess, our English member Steve Giddins has decided not to rejoin the KWA, so I have deleted him from our lists. (R.B.)

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