Dear chess friends,
On the old KWA website you may find some of my reports of former expeditions, often in combination with one of my business trips.
However, the last report (no. 22) was dated Warsaw November 2011 ... Easy to explain: With the relaunch of our website, Ralf Binnewirtz and I decided to put such "expeditions" no longer on my own member site. So, if I count correctly, the following report is my expedition no. 28, maybe one of the most impressive ...

The Chess Treasures of CABA - an expedition to a most interesting chess historical place

CABA = Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, which chess addict would not be thrilled by the opportunity to visit this most important place of great chess events? The years 1927, 1939, 1953 (Reshevsky – Najdorf), 1960, 1971 (Fischer – Petrosian), 1978, 1980 (Korchnoi – Polugaevsky) are all connected with "Good Airs", and also names like Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Spassky, Fischer, Larsen, Karpov, Kasparov etc.

So I was most happy, when it became obvious, that a business trip to Argentina could be combined with a visit to the famous CLUB ARGENTINO DE AJEDREZ. By chance, nearly ten years ago I met Juan Sebástian Morgado for the first time personally in Brunswick during the foundation assembly of the Ken Whyld Association. So it was also a good opportunity to meet that long-term chess friend again.

Juan was friendly enough to arrange a contact with Dr. Claudio Javier Gonçalves, the "presidente" of the chess club, but also a prominent organizer and official in Correspondence Chess.
Arriving early on Saturday morning from Madrid, I met Juan in my hotel in Ricoleta quarter in the late afternoon.


Juan Morgado with Michael Negele

We talked intensely about his recent chess projects, especially about his most interesting work "Sangre y Ajedrez en el Parque" (Blood and Chess in the Park, front cover / cover verso; Juan Morgado’s note – all PDFs) ...


Juan Morgado with his a.m. book




 Juan S. Morgado (at younger ages) -
please click to enlarge.
Taken from: Zoilo R. Caputto, El Arte del Estudio de Ajedrez,
vol. 2 (1991), p.28


... but also about his research work on Sonja (Susanna) Graf, and his recent findings about the 1942 tournament in Cordoba.
Here my essay Schicksal eines 'Fräuleinwunders' – der Lebensweg der Sonja Graf-Stevenson (PDF; last version from II 2007) as well as the English translation Life story of female prodigy Sonja Graf-Stevenson (PDF, 14.2 MB; taken from QCH 16/2007, p. 410-448) and the page Childhood of Sonja Graf.

Juan who was occupied that evening gave me the favour to drop me in Paraguay 1858.




Immediately after leaving the taxi, I was attracted by the huge building, easily identified by the advertisement.





After entering I was warmly welcomed by Claudio Gonçalves, but also three other members who were mostly interested in chess history granted me hospitality for more than 3 hours. So my small donation at the end which left me with a nice souvenir (voucher) was only a modest sign of appreciation.
(Link: Historia del Ajedrez en Argentina)


Marcelo Catz (the friendly translator), Daniel Alpern, Claudio Gonçalves, Rubén Almeida


Daniel Marcelo Alpern, a FIDE Master, but also an ardent collector of chess books and memorabilia, is our newest KWA-member.


Daniel Marcelo Alpern


Here is his win against Mikhail Tal, played 1991 in a simul (original score sheet).




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