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Our Italian member Santo Daniele Spina is an extremely industrious author. Michael Negele once met him personally in Catania, see his former report from December 2007 - in English or German.

Michael Negele with two Bayer colleagues, Helmut Greiving and Jürgen Hamann
as well as a colleague from Ford Dodge; on the right Santo Daniele Spina.
Photo from November 2007.


Santo Spina was so kind to send Michael Negele his latest book, naturally no chess book (apart from the obligatory picture of Pietro Carrera and the numerous chess contributions in the large bibliography). Here is the cover (as PDF) and also Santo Spina’s impressive list of publications (until October 2012).

More about his book at lulu.com/...


But you will find a lot of chess (and some links to his local exhibitions) in his blog santospina.wordpress.com/ - really an incredibly diligent man.

(According to Michael Negele.)

PS (17/03/2013):
For Santo Spina’s latest book L’Eco degli Scacchi, anno 1897 see www.lulu.com/....