Once again the traditional January meeting in Wijk aan Zee was well-attended by our members. This time, besides Michael Negele also Tony Gillam and Guy Van Habberney have contributed to our pictorial report.


Michael Negele:

I had started for the meeting in Wijk already on Friday, 11th of January as I intended to do some research work beforehand in The Hague Royal Library. Having arrived there not until 3.45 pm I was very pressed for time – at least I could still sift through the Feenstra Kuiper scrapbooks and the fifties with respect to Niemeijer. A further complication in the Special Collection is the fact that books can be ordered only at certain times, so I nearly would have gone away empty-handed (best you announce your wishes two days in advance …).

Here are three of my findings:


Emanuel Lasker – "So sah mich Lorantz"
Delft, 17 March 1934



The "Funeral of Lasker", Scheveningen 1927
- confirms my speculation in the Lasker monograph concerning the location.
It has still to remain open if the daughter of Baudet is here in the picture.



Maelzel’s Automaton Chess Player
(Click to enlarge)


… and 3 impressions from the shelves:

David DeLucia’s set In Memoriam


That’s what I call coincidence: The latest KARL issue
with my article on Tartakower was already available.



Obliged to Tradition… is in very good company.


I then continued my trip to Leidschendam where the cash audit was planned for Saturday morning. After a fine dinner with the Corneth family – I had "board and lodging" there – I was allowed to view the wonderful library of my host, and I discovered items never seen before.

The next morning after breakfast the viewing was continued only shortly as our two Belgian friends were more than punctually. Therefore the cash audit, meanwhile already a matter of routine, could successfully be finished at about 12 o’clock; the cash balance was OK, and only a few formal changes and additions were necessary for the documents.



The cash audit for 2012


Bert Corneth, Guy Van Habberney, Michael Negele and Henri Serruys



Our host Regina Corneth with Henri Serruys and Guy Van Habberney


After a short lunch break - Regina Corneth was again so kind to fortify us with filled rolls and plenty of coffee - we went the 60 km eastwards to Wijk aan Zee. In glorious weather we first met Jurgen Stigter, soon afterwards a whole pack of KWA members.

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