Bernd Schneider and Karl Klittich.
The book is a bound edition of Harrie Grondijs’ lecture
(Die Fehler vom Kalabrier und ihre Geschichte),
this evening it was "auctioned off" for 50 EUR.



A load of expertise in problem chess: bernd ellinghoven (who was not so happy
with the modality of the auction) and Günter Büsing, deputy chairman
of the "Schwalbe". The stitched edition brought 30 EUR.



Siv Ewert with her husband Stellan Persson and Guy Van Habberney.



Michael Negele with Siv Ewert



Per Skjoldager signing the Nimzowitsch biography.



After the dinner also Knud Lysdal turned up (here with Bernd Schneider),
he preferred knuckle ("Haxe") to Italian food.



Looking back on the 63rd auction in its final stage
– arguably at auctioning the DSZ.



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