I will take the opportunity to deal a little with the bookplate of our late member Dr. Jean Mennerat (for Jean Mennerat see our former birthday greetings 2005 and 2007 as well as our obituary):



Mrs Masthoff has contacted the French artist Gilles Erny who had prepared the copper engraving for Jean Mennerat and this way learned some informative details about this ex-libris. Generally the bookplate reflects Dr. Mennerat’s profession and his varied private passions: The Aesculapian staff with the snake is well-known as a symbol of the medical profession, the chess board with the curved lateral branch can be interpreted as a microscope while the head of the microscope is partly concealed by an ancient Egyptian female head (Pharaoh) whose headdress (crown – an attribute of Kings and Queens only) is again modified by a chess pattern. A plausible explanation for this head would be that it adverts to the old Egyptian medicine which is regarded as the beginning of medical science.
The head-on approaching biplane refers to the fact that Mennerat was an enthusiastic pilot, and the stars in the upper part of the bookplate bear witness to his interest in astronomy. A number of books underneath the chess board (= microscope stage) is self-evident (Mennerat’s bibliophily); the fungi (bottom left) which represent - besides animals and plants - an independent realm, as well as the fossil (ammonite) depicted on the right may indicate further fields of interest. Whether the ammonite is also intended as a hidden hint at the Pharaonic empire has to remain unsettled (an etymological connection: Am[m]on was the Greek / Roman name for the Egyptian sun-god Amun-Re, see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammoniten). Beyond question, a fascinating bookplate with interesting details to discover and to discuss.



Dieter Stüber closes both eyes while library director Bernhard Köster
flirts with Mrs. Masthoff. Click to enlarge.



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(Press) articles on the event:

PS (22/03/2013): Eva Masthoff has also reported about the exhibition in the "Mitteilungen" of the German ex-libris Society, available online as PDF: Mitteilungen 2013 – 1, see p. 17f.

PS (19/05/2013): Irene Stock wrote an article on the exhibition ("Schachausstellung in der Stadtbücherei lockt 3000 Besucher") in Lokallust Haltern am See, issue 05.2013, p. 22f.


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