Chess Olympiad Istanbul 2012
Our treasurer Michael Negele was not the only KWA member who recently visited the Chess Olympiad in Istanbul. He and Calle Erlandsson (who was there a little earlier together with Jurgen Stigter) have provided us with a selection of photos which we like to show you in the following...

Michael Negele: "I was an eye witness of the 10th and 11th round, both were full of suspense. However I had to leave round 10 very early as I had been invited to the reception in the German consulate – together with my friend Dr. Kirkor Sirinyan."


Michael Negele in front of the consulate


Kirkor Sirinyan has a conversation with Dirk Sander, the cultural affairs officer
and press relations officer of the consulate in Istanbul
who had organized this reception.


The German national teams with their entourage,
in front of the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II.



Jurgen Stigter in company of the FIDE president!


Guinness World Records Certificate: "The largest collection of chess sets
consisting of 412 belongs to Akin Gökyay (Turkey), ... in Ankara ...,
as of 30 January 2012." The poster on the right is a contribution
by Akin Gökyay: "Am I a Chess Collector? I don't know."


Chess books en masse


Our Hungarian member Tamás Erdélyi with Michael Negele



Michael Negele: "Altogether the Olympiad was a success for me, apart from the unfavorable location of the Expo-Center with regard to the city. Moreover the spectators were a little disadvantaged, you could really watch the top boards only…"


US team captain IM John Donaldson with young GM Ray Robson



GM Raj Tischbierek from Exzelsior Publishing House, Berlin


Swiss IM Richard Forster waiting for his opponent ...



... the same with Belgian GM Luc Winants.


Well-known arbiter Geurt Gijssen



Last round encounter: Germany vs. Russia



Ukraine had to fight against China


... and the German woman team against Ukraine.



You will find additional 16 photos in this picture gallery.



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