The chess auction on the following Saturday was already finished shortly after 12 o’clock, so there was still a lot of time for conversations and chats afterwards. Again I offer a selection of photos:


Chess graphics, paintings ...
with the Emanuel Lasker oil print


Yours truly with Mr. Raab, the W. Pauly collector from Würzburg

Some more chess paintings


 Waiting for the start of the auction



Jurgen Stigter and Bob van de Velde



4 "Schwalbe" members: Yours truly, Godehard Murkisch, Stephen Rothwell,
and (in the background) Carsten Ehlers



Study expert and author Harrie Grondijs ...


... and his wife Rieneke van Zutphen
who has edited many of her husband's books.



Calle Erlandsson with a collection
of rare chess documents ...



... and the on-lookers Wolfgang Pähtz, Claes Løfgren and Ron Bleeker.



Godehard Murkisch, Mrs. Ehlers(?), Carsten Ehlers
and Jurgen Stigter



Jørn Erik Nielsen and Harrie Grondijs,
on the left Godehard Murkisch



Marion Oeben-Negele with her standard poodle Bruna


Two problemists: Günter Büsing ("Schwalbe" deputy chairman)
and Stephen Rothwell



The result list ("Ergebnisliste") of the 70th auction was already online the same day, see
The next Klittich-Pfankuch auction will take place on 17th and 19th November 2016. The auctioneers will be pleased to welcome you again!


Photographs ©
Göttingen: Ralf Binnewirtz (Meerbusch)
Braunschweig: Michael Negele (Wuppertal)


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