A part of the audience − all well-known faces.


KWA Board
Guy Van Habberney had already announced in 2015 that he would retire on the occasion of this meeting, as he has been three times a KWA board member for three years, which is the maximum according to our statutes. This May Bert Corneth (not present in Braunschweig) informed us that he would like to retire, after having been a long-time board member or 'officer'. Finally Andreas Saremba disclosed shortly before our meeting that he would prefer to leave the board and to continue as an 'officer' for special tasks after the meeting.

As there was no proposal for a successor of the chairman and therefore the danger that a functioning board would not be existent after the meeting, the honorary members Michael Negele and Jurgen Stigter have asked Bob van de Velde to take the chair. As the latter agreed, they proposed the attendant members to appoint Bob van de Velde to the chair, as well as Karl Klittich (who had also agreed to join the board) to a member of the board. This proposal was accepted by acclamation. The nominated chairman (chairman-to-be) will − in the name of the former board − request the Council of Representatives (which has officially the competence to nominate new board members) to approve the proposal.

After that approval the new board will be constituted by:

Drs. Bob van de Velde: Chairman
− John Donaldson: Deputy chairman
− Michael Clapham: Treasurer
− Dr. Karl Klittich: Focus on German members

The retirement of Bert Corneth requires to reduce the KWA book 'overstock' (the books are currently in Bert’s care). It was proposed to sell the books without a price limit.
Bert Corneth will remain the contact person between KWA/treasurer and the ING Bank Amsterdam.




Michael Negele delivered a laudation to our outgoing chairman and presented him − in the name of the KWA − with a rare Italian chess book which had been autographed before by most of the attendees.

Guy also received a present from Karl Klittich − a box
with "Lasker wine 2009 − special edition" and a small bowl for nuts ...



In conclusion a short maiden speech of our new chairman,
Bob outlined the most important issues for the KWA’s future.


Particularly the communication to and between our members seems to have much room for improvement. Andreas Saremba has proposed to lay the technical foundations for web conferences and online lectures, this could bring together members of different countries and continents. We should wait and see if the technical realization is possible with justifiable efforts, and how the acceptance of our members will turn out.



In the run-up to the meeting our US member Eswara Kosaraju has submitted a remarkable list of suggestions and ideas for improvement, but these seem feasible only by considerable co-operations and commitments of our members. Therefore the appeal to the members persists to campaign a good deal more for our aims and projects.


For a convivial conclusion of the evening most of us met in the Italian Ristorante Katané which has to be praised for its excellent cuisine. Below I give some photos.


Claes Løfgren, Bernd Schneider and Günter Büsing

Yours truly, Andreas Saremba, Harrie Grondijs,
Rieneke van Zutphen, Guy Van Habberney

Bob van de Velde and Per Skjoldager



The Danish corner: Jørn Erik Nielsen and Claes Løfgren



Accompanying ladies: Marion Oeben-Negele and Diana Schneider



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