This year’s Zurich Chess Challenge (13-15 February) was again an extraordinary event, held in glamorous surroundings and covered at length by the chess press. Michael Negele was there on Sunday and Monday, 14th to 15th of February (3rd - 5th round rapid and blitz).


Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville, the venue of the tournament.
Michael couldn't imagine a more sterling place to bring 
together the rich and beautiful with the common chess people.

Apart from the top players in the tournament, many an elite player of the past crossed Michael Negele's path such as Anatoli Karpov, Jan Timman, Judith Polgar and others.

Marc Lang, blindfold simul world record holder,
has managed the official tournament website.



Michael Negele with chess legend Ljubomir Ljubojevic,
the latter (just like Genna Sosonko) was always interfering in the live comments
all over the place, even in the German comments by Werner Hug and Yannick Pelletier.



In general Ljubo's remarks in the Russian area were strongly countered
by Genna Sosonko, as it was actually his realm.



Anatoli Karpov was the co-commentator of the Russian internet presentation.



Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam shows a poster of the
famous artist and chess player Marcel Duchamp.



Dutch top player Anish Giri with Ian Rogers (on the right, English comments)
and Cathy Rogers (left).



Michael Negele met - for the first time personally -
the Swiss KWA member and "old" collector friend Urs Frischherz.



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