Final Pleasures in Amsterdam

Michael's last chess trip of the year was scheduled for 8th of December, the tour to Amsterdam should serve above all a meeting with Bob van de Velde to discuss in detail some points of the Lasker project. Afterwards the opportunity arose to attend the "Euwe drink" in the Holland Casino, an event held twice a year. This time it attracted an impressive number of about 60 chess friends, a main subject was the existential threat of the city to withdraw its subsidy (rent) to the Max Euwe Centrum (ChessBase has already reported on that).

Ruud van Caspel (a well-known lawyer and author) delivered a flaming speech on the survival of the MEC, while MEC chairman Jan van Run tried to radiate optimism and suggested to find new sources of capital. (Report at the MEC web site.) He also reminded of Max Euwe's winning the world championship title quite exactly 80 years ago (15-12-1935).

Our member Peter de Jong had the chance to present his meanwhile finished Euwe trilogy (for that see also the announcement on our page "Home"). The youngest Euwe daughter, Fietie Brouwer-Euwe, received from Peter a copy of volume I of his work.

Below we give a small selection of photos from the "Euweborrel" (borrel [Dutch] = tot [schnapps]).




The KWA quartet - Michael Negele, Pierre Voss,
Jurgen Stigter and Bob van de Velde



Eddy Sibbing, our MEC representative



Bob van de Velde and Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam



Peter de Jong with Geurt Gijssen



Ruud van Caspel



MEC chairman Jan van Run




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