The White Lady, Teofila Szołdrska-Potulicka
née Działyńska



In the library of Kórnik Castle - but not the Lasa collection


Moreover this visit was an opportunity to renew the relations between Polish and German chess historians and to intensify generally contacts between chess players and historians. In the evening of 19th October a meeting with representatives of the Polish Chess Federation (PCF) took place which had been arranged at short notice. On the Polish side were present

- Piotr Murdzia, Secretary-General of the PCF, IM and world class problem solver
- Włodzimierz Schmidt, vice president for sports of the PCF, the first Polish grandmaster
- Janusz Woda (from Poznań), former president of the PCF
- Tomasz Lissowski, our member from Warsaw, well-known chess historian and author


Meeting with the Polish Chess Federation,
from left: Piotr Murdzia, Herbert Bastian, Janusz Woda,
Tomasz Lissowski and Włodzimierz Schmidt
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Main subject-matter of the discussion were all the anniversaries in the coming years -

90 years of Polish Chess Federation in 2016
140 years of German Chess Federation in 2017
- and in 2018:
200th birthday of Tassilo v. Heydebrand u.d. Lasa (*17-10-1818)
200th birthday of Adolf Anderssen (*06-07-1818)
150th birthday of Emanuel Lasker (*24-12-1868)
150th birthday of Richard Teichmann (*24-12-1868)
130th anniversary of the death of Johannes Hermann Zukertort (†20-06-1888)

and a lot of proposals were made for joint actions of the two federations on these occasions, among them a 3rd von der Lasa Conference in Kórnik in 2018. Let's hope that most co-operations and events contemplated in the above circle will come true. I will mention here only three desirable book projects:

- Translation of the book War Chess by Paveł Dudziński into English or German
  (we still link a recent interview with the author on [in Polish])
- New edition of the Zukertort biography by Cezary W. Domański and Tomasz Lissowski
- Publication of the documentation of the 2nd von der Lasa Conference 2007
(possibly with the collected games of von der Lasa [legacy Nathan Divinsky] as well as v.d.L.'s travel diary)

We are looking forward to most interesting chess years!



Michael Negele with GM Włodzimierz Schmidt




Piotr Murdzia and Herbert Bastian



Photographs © Dr. Michael Negele, Wuppertal

Will be continued.




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