A prominent participant: Hanon W. Russell from Milford, CT,
well-known chess author and publisher, founder and
long-time director of ChessCafe.com (until 2014).


Announcement of the Vienna Chess History Tour
"Auf den Spuren der Luftmenschen"
enlarged detail




Michael Ehn, the guide for the German-speaking group
- arrived at Café Central in the famous Palais Ferstel


Naked mate in a Vienna eating house

Karl Kadletz, Maria Horvath and Iris Mai

Amazing photos and prizes
in the new Prague chess café on Wenzelplatz



Raj Tischbierek has received his third price,
a set of Bohemian glasses with a carafe.


Under the Steinitz plaque in Prague: Quartet with a lady
- from left: Dr. Holger Ohst, WIM Iris Mai, GM Raj Tischbierek, Dr. Michael Negele


Some more photographs in this gallery!


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