Dawid Przepiórka:

- see my article on Przepiórka in KARL 1/14 "Die Beziehung zwischen Spatz und Wachtel". 


A caricature of Przepiórka, Hamburg 1930


Portraiture of Przepiórka, Hamburg 1930


Dawid Przepiórka, Debrecen 1925


Victor Tietz and Dawid Przepiórka


Further Polish masters:


Kazimierz Makarczyk, Hamburg 1930



Akiva Rubinstein, Hamburg 1930

The problemist Marian Wróbel
(before 1948)


A group photo of Polish players (Hamburg 1930)

Gersz Rotlewi in the Netherlands, 1911. The photo shows a board with
 unorthodox baseline arrays, apparently reminiscent of Fischerandom Chess!

A short search revealed that the initial position depicted above corresponds exactly to the Lengfellner Neuschach. I quote from The Classified Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, p.72:
"Neuschach [Lengfellner] (Dr Lengfellner, 1911). Baseline NBQRRNBK. Frank Marshall tested the game successfully in Vienna against an unknown master, whilst Erich Cohn of Berlin, shortly after killed in World War I, won a Neuschach masters tournament. (Wiener Schachzeitung, November-December 1911)"
Already in the 19th century people started to experiment with such chess variants, quite a lot are described in the a.m. encyclopedia. [R.B.]


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