On Monday to Wednesday I visited - together with Bob - the Royal Library in The Hague in order to do some research, especially in the scrapbooks of Niemeijer and Rueb. On the whole it was a pleasant yield with many interesting finds, though quite arduous: there were 50 volumes and the inspection took a number of hours; we had to work in parallel and finally Bob asked me to include his finds - this way I took about 1300(!) photos.


Bob with our "old acquaintance" Henk Chervat who is not responsible for
 the chess collection anymore. The latter moved again to the ground floor,
not a change for the worse in my view.


Yours truly with the latest issue of the KARL magazine
(focusing on GM Wolfgang Uhlmann and chess in the DDR).


Below I give a selection of our most exciting finds, which also relate to some of my former or current projects and articles.

Sonja Graf:
see the biography "Schicksal eines Fräuleinwunders" (2nd version, 2007) as well as "Childhood of Sonja (Susanna) Graf" (2005).


Sonja Graf in Vienna, 1937



 Such looks Sonja Graf’s trainer:
Rudolf Spielmann, Vienna 02-03-1937


Savielly G. Tartakover:


S. Tartakover, Stefan Rotmil (captain) and K. Makarczyk, Hamburg 1930


Two photos of Tartakover: 






Questions: Where and when was this photo taken?
In the photo are Tartakover, ... ???

Answers in this pdf file!


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