Once again Michael Negele went to the Netherlands for some days (18 to 23 April) to visit Amsterdam, Noordwijk and the Royal Library in The Hague. Enjoy his pictorial report:

[Updated 07-08-2015: addendum to Albrecht Buschke]

When I arrived at the Amsterdam Max Euwe-Centrum most people were already leaving, so I took only very few photos. Below a snapshot of Dusan Vukovic, old and (after a break of some years) new member of the KWF&A, and certainly the member I know for the longest time - still from my years in Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen), i.e. before 1990.

Dusan Vukovic and yours truly in the MEC


Moreover a nice photo of the Rijksmuseum in bright weather:


Really a sunny blue sky!


On Saturday afternoon I was a guest of Winifred and Bob van de Velde, also our chairman Guy Van Habberney was present but he had to leave shortly. Bert Corneth joint this nice lunch as well, so afterwards I took him via Noordwijk along to Leidschendam.


Bob and Winifred van de Velde at their home

Bert Corneth


On Sunday Bob and Winifred visited me in Noordwijk, below I give some photos:


The Hotel Huis ter Duin, with an outdoor chess set nearby.


 The "Lasker team" at the Noordwijk beach, analyzing a game.


A short break at the Breakers Beach House

A beautiful sunset - not visible from the landward apartment of my friends.


The Lasker book project - a new 3-volume edition of the Emanuel Lasker monograph in English - will officially start on 1st of July 2015. The first volume is scheduled to be published in the Lasker year 2018 (150th birthday of Em. Lasker, but also of Richard Teichmann; moreover the 200th birthday of Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa and of Adolf Anderssen!). Volume II and III should appear in 2019 and 2020 respectively. I will inform you from time to time about the progress of this project.


Here a photo of my new comrade
- you will need a thick skin for the Lasker project ...



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