Our long-time member Bernd Schneider (Solingen) turned 50 on last Friday, 10th of April.

Bernd celebrated his special day in the company of his family and a small circle of close friends in the restaurant "Zum König" (- where else?) - also Michael Negele with his wife Marion were among the guests.


Bernd praises the "Bergische Landbier"
(a special beer of the region)
to the celebrating party.


Bernd, one of the few links between the KWF&A and the remaining chess world, is not only an estate agent by profession, but also a strenuous and successful chess dealer, and many collectors eagerly pursue his online auctions each week. He also thanks very much for the many birthday greetings (and gifts) he received from his clientele on the occasion of his birthday.

Moreover Bernd is a still strong and very popular International Master, you may find some cornerstones of his chess life on his Wikipedia page. And in the list of well-known personalities of Solingen he ranks just ahead of the famous German actress Veronika Ferres (also *1965).

The photo below was taken in Schwerin last year, where the "Team Wuppertal" with Bernd Schneider and Michael Negele could reach a quite superior win in the Schlosspark-Center City Tournament. On the eve there was a blitz tournament where our two friends participated in.


"The Look!" - fraternal encounter
(Larger version)


Dear Bernd - ad multos annos!
You are now out of the woods, as from now it will go downward at a leisurely pace only ...


(Photographs and details: Michael Negele)





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