The "Koninginnenmarkt" on Julianaplein was full of chess sets, stands and activities ...
(information in Dutch at



This man will form a chess piece (king?)
from a block of ice with the help of an electric saw.



We also paid a visit to the tournament chess shop Raindroptime (De Zwaanstraat 16) which is run by Leo Hovestadt (our member!) and Jozias Hillenkamp. The shop possesses spacious facilities to hold a meeting even of a larger group, so it seems also very suitable for our meeting in 2016. And the owners already agreed to host our next gathering on most favorable terms and conditions.


The Raindroptime Chess Shop looks very inviting for chess fans!




... and your webmaster seems to be taken
with the shop as well.



The commentator's room had moved to the Heliomare College which was within walking distance as well.



The Heliomare College



The room is filled with visitors, Hans Böhm comments
the games of the current round (in Dutch only).



We also met there again Jurgen Stigter as well as Nico Pos (right),
and at least there was a chance to have a frugal snack.



Finally Wesley So appeared to comment on his
just won game against Loek van Wely.



We had also a short conversation with Leo Hovestadt (on the left) who had
a book stand there, due to his business he had found no time to attend our
meeting the previous day. But on 12 January he had given a lecture in Wijk
- "The secret history of chess", see this ChessBase page.


There's also delight
in a nice backside!
(A placard nearby the college)



Towards evening, our small group still had a final drink in the café de Zon before we left Wijk - maybe until next year!



Just a concluding photo of the two of us 



All photographs courtesy of Michael Negele.



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