Masters and Challengers



Spanish chess journalist Leontxo Garcia



Yochanan Afek meets chess legend Jan Timman



Naturally Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam (on the left) is busy in the press room.



Additional 37 photos of the press room, the players, etc. are gathered in this gallery!


Also Tony Gillam had again joined us, and after Michael's recurrence we went for a walk through Wijk to visit some other side events and objects of interest.



Rob Spaans offered chess literature
in an adjoining room of the café de Zon.



The chess shop De Beste Zet is run by WGM Erika Sziva - an "old" acquaintance of us,
as she has always been in Wijk when the tournament was up and running
(formerly with a book stand at De Moriaan).



We also met Matthias Limberg there, on the right Erika Sziva.



Just a group of costumed young people started out to give a chess related
performance on the adjacent market place - see the next photo.




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