Before the evening dinner we still had time to pay a short visit to the tournament hall at De Moriaan, but at this relatively late hour most games of the "Tata Steel Masters" and "Challengers" were already over. So at least we got to see the results and Michael could still take some snapshots. In the Open we also spotted another KWF&A member: Alain Fayard was still fighting in a game which he could actually win later on, as we got to know only the next day.



A view of the Open



Alain Fayard is still optimistic to win the endgame



In the Masters, only Anish Giri (vs Wesley So who lost his first game in this round)
and Ivan Saric (who won against Radoslaw Wojtaszek) were still playing.

At the late-night dinner in the Hotel Zeeduin the remaining company was small, only 7 members as well as Peter Monté were present. Obviously most Dutch members preferred to stay at home, though the price for the three-course menu was really decent.

At the evening dinner:  Jurgen Stigter, Henri Serruys and Guy Van Habberney



Michael Negele with Peter Monté, the latter leafing through
Schauspiel des Geistes


After dinner we went back to our Amsterdam hotel where we could still check in and move into our rooms before midnight.

On Sunday morning we (Michael Negele and yours truly) were again at Winifred and Bob van de Velde, they had invited us for a breakfast and afterwards Michael had time to talk with Bob about the Lasker book project. Bob will be co-editor of the second volume and he is also in contact with the Baudet family - good expectations for the chapter "Lasker's connections to the Netherlands"!

Certainly Emanuel Lasker will still keep us busy for many years.


We left Amsterdam early enough for Wijk aan Zee in order not to miss the start of the last round at 12 o'clock this time. Michael's first concern was to get a press card, so he disappeared for some time in the "tournament's sanctum"; having received his card without any problems, he took a lot of photos of the press room and naturally of the players after the last round had been started by the stroke of the gong.



Our member Matthias Limberg appeared as well in the crowd of onlookers -
in spite of the indoor temperature (IMHO much too warm to feel comfortable)
many people had gathered particularly in front of the Masters & Challengers.



The time for the reporters and photographers is short, a few minutes
after the start of the games they have to quit the field again.


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