In the middle of November our US friend Larry List was again in Europe, to visit the Man Ray auction in Paris and once more the Düsseldorf artist Takako Saito (see our last year's short report). Michael Negele has provided a summary (with many photos) about his Sunday tour with Larry to the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl (on 16-11-2014).



Larry List has arrived in a rainy Cologne, you see him
in front of the famous Heinzelmännchen fountain.


I picked up Larry (arriving from Paris by Thalys high-speed train) at the Cologne main station where we had even missed each other at first, as Larry - driven by a slight impatience - didn't stay on the platform.




After a solid refreshment (see photo above) - not just a feast in style - in the "Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh" (three fried eggs with bacon and fried potatoes - but no "Kölsch" beer) we went - in spite of the rainy weather - on a short tour of the old town, including a sightseeing of the cathedral and a little shopping at "Farina". Then by car along the banks of the Rhine and finally via the Southern City to Brühl where we were so attracted by the Augustusburg Palace that we actually walked past the Max Ernst Museum ... (Unfortunately the museum's page is only available in German.)

The Augustusburg Palace

... but that was easy to correct, and first we had a look at the Hans Arp special exhibition, even there we found some chess motifs. 


The Max Ernst Museum


Larry List at the museum




There were surprisingly many chess connections, probably the game was quite important to Max Ernst.


Larry List takes some snapshots
(indeed photographing was not allowed there but they were tolerant to us
- we link a photo of the museum guide)

The poster to the right of the glass cabinet shows Max Ernst - Works 1919-1936.
A few exhibits are depicted in the following photos.










Here is also a poster on Max Ernst's biography


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