This years’ collectors’ meeting of the German CCI section, where also the members of the Ken Whyld Foundation & Association had been invited to, had been painstakingly planned and prepared by Dr. Thomas Thomsen and Prof. Wolfgang Angerstein.

Venue was the noted Hotel ELEPHANT in Weimar – the top hotel of the town where most of the attendees had also found their accommodation. Indeed the hotel was fully booked, as a stately number of about 75 participants had registered for this meeting!



The HOTEL ELEPHANT on the market place
- some more photos of the ELEPHANT and the market place in this gallery.


Prof. Angerstein arrived together with me already on Thursday evening (06/11/2014) in Weimar (he was again so kind to give me a ride from Erkrath). It was essential to make some important technical provisions before the official start on Friday evening, such as the installation of Mr. Mükke’s glass cabinets and the test of the projector.

At the reception: The Russian chess legend GM Yuri Averbakh had come to Weimar
with his daughter only to attend this event; on the right Thomas Thomsen.

Prof. Wolfgang Angerstein with Bernhard Schmid and two ladies.



The Klittich couple with Wolfgang Pähtz

Dr. Mario Ziegler and Dr. Michael Negele

Ralf Niederhäuser, GM Helmut Pfleger,
Dr. Natascha Niemeyer-Wasserer and Georg Schweiger

Yours truly with Dr. Karl Klittich and Jens-Frieder Mükke


The following Friday evening the attendees initially met in the foyer of the ELEPHANT for a welcome drink (see photos above) before all went to the nearby restaurant "Zum weißen Schwan" to enjoy a joint evening meal. After the soup a first highlight of our meeting was already due, namely the official award of the "Deutsche Schachpreis 2014" to the cultural chess magazine KARL (see also Sports director GM Uwe Bönsch had come as the representative of the German Chess Federation, he gave a speech in honor of Harry Schaack – editor and publisher of KARL – and presented him with the prize and the document, naturally with great éclat of the audience. Harry Schaack replied to the laudation with an acceptance speech in German and English.

Harry Schaack and Uwe Bönsch


Totally surprising for all and not least for the honored himself was the subsequent appearance of Paul Werner Wagner, chairman of the "ELG", who welcomed Dr. Thomas Thomsen as a new honorary member of the Emanuel Lasker Society:





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