Dr. Jens-Frieder Mükke (from Naumburg) gave a lecture
which was very well received by the listeners.

Here are three presentation slides (without comments): 









A view of the audience, in the first row Per Skjoldager, Henri Serruys
and Claes Løfgren, behind the latter Bob van de Velde with his wife Winifred.



Also Bert Corneth was present, left behind Geurt Gijssen and Andreas Saremba.



In the evening most of us remained in Lord Helmchen restaurant to have dinner, at least Wolfgang Angerstein and yours truly who had meanwhile arrived in Braunschweig could join there.



Wolfgang Angerstein was quite happy to have bought
some desired items at the auction.



Satisfied collectors – Per Skjoldager and Norbert Geissler
are obviously very pleased about their acquisitions.


You will find still more snapshots in our gallery (16 photos).

A short overview of the auction sale will appear in our next CSQ issue.
Special thanks go once more to the Klittich-Pfankuch family for their generous hospitality, and we have also to mention that already on the next day the "Ergebnisliste" (list of results) of the auction was available online, - a perfect service!


Ralf Binnewirtz

Photographs courtesy of Günter Büsing and Michael Negele.


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