The Blindfold Chess of the Generations on the following Sunday in Potsdam was recently announced by us (see Spectacle of the Mind). In the meantime two reports on this event have been published (by ChessBase and by the DSB = Deutsche Schachbund), and a further coverage by Raj Tischbierek will follow in the August issue of SCHACH. Therefore we limit ourselves here to brief comments on the pictures.


The "host" Dr. Richard Lutz shows Michael Negele the "Kaiserbahnhof".


Fresh from the printing press came the new and very handsome publication Schauspiel des Geistes, see our current announcement at New Literature. Pictures of the press conference in the cinema hall where the work was presented, as well as numerous additional photos (and a series of videos) from the Potsdam event have been compiled by DSB webmaster Frank Hoppe at (Due to its enormous extent, the page is loading very slow.)



Schauspiel des Geistes at a preferential price of 20 €.



Vlastimil Hort who competed against "seeing" German
chess talents in a leapfrog blindfold display.



Rasmus Svane was one of the three
simul-givers as well.


The "poor Yellows" had a hard time with the "blind" masters
and lost 4 out of 6 games, with 2 draws only.



You can play through all games at


The sponsor Dr. Karsten Wagner at the Astra Dental stand was rightly
very proud of the successful event.



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