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Our chairman Guy Van Habberney has written a short note on the visit of two Dutch KWF&A friends to Belgium:

Last week, Harrie Grondijs and Geurt Gijssen travelled to Belgium to inspect the libraries of Guy Van Habberney and Alain Fayard. The two Dutch experts proclaimed their satisfaction with what they saw (photo 1 and 2), and the whole event was concluded with a nice lunch (photo 3). It goes without saying that some valuable books also changed hands. Moreover, Geurt proved to be a fountain of great chess anecdotes. The others urged him to quickly start writing his memoirs.


Photo 1: This is how a 1526 Damiano was sent through the Italian mail around 1890:
'Dear Mr. Orsini, could you please inform me whether this book has any value?' 
The stamps and address are actually on the cover of the book!


Photo 2: The Damiano in question (5th edition [= 2nd undated edition],
published about 1526 [i.e. 1526 or a little later]).



Photo 3: Alain Fayard, Geurt Gijssen, Guy Van Habberney and Harrie Grondijs