The tradition of our January meeting in Wijk aan Zee lives on - Guy Van Habberney has written a short report on the event, and Michael Negele has provided many photographs.

(Updated 24-01-2014: 3 photos added, provided by Andreas Saremba)




A kind welcome by the hotel

An eye-catcher in the meeting room:
our well-known Ken Whyld poster


On January 18, the KWA held – as is customary – an informal meeting in Wijk aan Zee. Bob van de Velde had arranged for a magnificent meeting room in hotel Het Hoge Duin. Some 19 members attended, and heard a short introduction by the chairman. Michael Negele was thanked with a surprise present for all his years and efforts at the service of the KWA. He will also be made honorary member of the KWA.



Chairman Guy Van Habberney


A part of the attendees,
from left: Guy Van Habberney, Andreas Saremba, Harrie Grondijs,
Bert Corneth, Leo Hovestadt, Henri Serruys, Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam


From left: Alexander Baburin, Ron Bleeker (partly hidden),
Jurgen Stigter, Bernd Ellinghoven and Bob van de Velde


Since we now are a fully fledged Foundation-Association, the tasks of the new board members were also explained:

Guy Van Habberney: Chairman, charged with overall coordination and Public Relations, including CSQ;
John Donaldson: Deputy Chairman, responsible for North American members and outreach to Cleveland, Saint Louis and Mechanics Institute;
Bert Corneth: Publications and outreach to Royal Library in the Hague;
Andreas Saremba: Database, including memberships, website and outreach to Kiel library;
Michael Clapham: Treasurer and Secretary;
Ralf Binnewirtz: Webmaster (not a member of the board).


Two Dutch members: Remco Heite and Ton de Vreede



Henri Serruys and Harrie Grondijs



GM Alexander Baburin (who attended for the first time a KWA meeting)
and Ron Bleeker


After a brief Q&A session, GM Alex Baburin then gave a brief but very interesting overview of how he developed his auction website. This was followed by a short pause, when members could do what they are really good at: buying and selling chess books. Hotel Het Hoge Duin had even arranged for a surprise vendor, in the person of Mr. Oving of 'Mulder Boekenvreugd'.


Willem Oving in his chess shop
(in Zutphen)



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