Certainly this year’s November event in Braunschweig was particularly inviting: on the one hand the 10th anniversary celebration of the KWA, on the other hand a first-class chess book auction of the house Klittich-Pfankuch with numerous rare items (duplicates) from the collection of our late member Lothar Schmid.
Enjoy our large pictorial report!

The number of members who had found their way to Braunschweig on that occasion was quite respectable, our corresponding list contains 35 names – in alphabetic order: 

Wolfgang Angerstein, Ralf Binnewirtz, Ron Bleeker, Günther Büsing, Mike Clapham, Jan Clementsson, John Donaldson, Bernd Ellinghoven, Calle Erlandsson, Alain Fayard, Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Tony Gillam, Harry Grondijs, Guy Van Habberney, Roger Klittich, Karl Klittich, Jes Knudsen, Matthias Limberg, Godehard Murkisch, Michael Negele, Jørn Erik Nielsen, Wolfgang Pähtz, Stellan Persson, Toni Preziuso, Andreas Saremba, Bernd Schippan, Bernd Schneider, Siegfried Schönle, Bernd Segebarth, Henri Serruys, Per Skjoldager, Jurgen Stigter, Hanspeter Suwe, Raj Tischbierek, Bob van der Velde.


Meeting in the Lord Helmchen restaurant.
From left: Andreas Saremba, Godehard Murkisch, Egbert Meissenburg,
Wolfgang Pähtz, Bernd Schneider, Harrie Grondijs and Rieneke van Zutphen.


From left: Michael Clapham, Calle Erlandsson, Toni Preziuso, Bob van de Velde,
Ron Bleeker and Henri Serruys.


On Friday morning Prof. Wolfgang Angerstein kindly gave me a ride from Erkrath (near Düsseldorf) to Braunschweig where we arrived in continuous drizzling rain shortly after noon. At that time the KWA meeting (first part) at "Lord Helmchen" was already in the final stages, but as I heard later on I had not missed any vital issues: There were the usual reports on the undertakings in 2013, on the KWA newsletter CSQ (layout by yours truly since issue no. 12), on the finances (on the occasion of the KWA reorganization 5500 € have to be paid to the Dutch notary), and on our book projects: Unfortunately we are still waiting for the English edition of the Ruch book on the early history of correspondence chess, and "Meran 1924/1926" hasn’t been published yet as well. The planned work on Duisburg 1929 will come out with considerable delay, maybe in the course of next year. Guy Van Habberney told about the idea to reprint the rare Irish chess magazine The Four-leaved Shamrock (ed. by Mrs Frideswide Rowland), a project initiated by Tim Harding. The latter has already invested some work, but at the moment there is no progress as the National Library of Ireland which has a large part of the original magazine in its stock has signalized its lack of interest to cooperate. Another book project considered by Guy would be an anthology "Best of CSQ". Our treasurer Michael Negele has recommended not to tackle more than two book projects per year.

Below some more photos of the meeting in the conference room of the Lord Helmchen restaurant:


Our chairman in front of the poster of our eponym.


John Donaldson, Guy Van Habberney and our treasurer
Michael Negele who leaves the board after many years.


Godehard Murkisch and (non-member) Egbert Meissenburg
who had joined the morning assembly as a guest.


Ron Bleeker and Henri Serruys

Bob van de Velde


Wolfgang Pähtz and Bernd Schneider


Harrie Grondijs and Rieneke van Zutphen -
who is proud of whom?


Andreas Saremba


Yours truly
(according to Michael Negele
"the heart and soul of the association")


John Donaldson and Guy Van Habberney with the two "give-aways"
(the KWA jubilee booklet and the Serbian problem bibliography),
both were distributed to the attendant members.



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