Michael Negele was happy to combine a business trip to Warsaw with a chess event, the latter took place in Ostrów Wielkopolski on 1st of September (official promotion event of Paweł Dudziński’s new book Szachy wojenne 1939-1945 - War chess). Here is his pictorial report.

(Updated 25/09/2013: YouTube videos, see page 4 of the report)

At about 9 o’clock on Saturday morning Tomasz Lissowski met me at the Warsaw airport, and we went to his home. After having attended to some duties at the weekly farmer’s market (Here I learned quite a lot about the Italian origin of Polish vegetables, and also the photo of Tomasz at the "New Archive" was taken on this occasion.) we met Jerzy Moras (Penelopa Publishing House) and went to Łódź. There we strolled to the alleged chess places along the main street ulica Piotrkowska, in 1906 it was No. 111 – today the German Honorary Consolate is located there.


Tomasz Lissowski in front of the "New Archive"


Łódź, Piotrkowska Street
(No. 111, seat of the first Łódź chess club)


Jerzy Moras, Tomasz Lissowski and Michael Negele
in Łódź' first chess café.


But also the café of the Grand Hotel was a playing venue and at the very beginning the today’s Retro Café Czekolada in the side street Stanisława Moniuszki (at that time called Pasaz Meyera [Meyer's Passage]; originally the street was privately owned, being the only private street in Łódź. Its elegant 19th century neo-Renaissance villas were inhabited by the elite of that time.)
We enjoyed a coffee there and tried to inhale the left "molecules" of Salwe, Rotlewi and Rubinstein.



Sculpture of the famous pianist Artur Rubinstein on Piotrkowska Street. 



In the Café


Tomasz Lissowski with Jerzy Moras



The House of Sendrowicz
(Piotrkowska Street No. 12)


The Gutenberg House (No. 86)




Here a page which describes quite well the atmosphere in "Woodge" (= pronunciation of Łódź) – the city was not destroyed in the war, but 40 years of socialism have left deep scars: www.exploration-online.co.uk/...

About the history:
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geschichte_der_Stadt... (only in German)

Moreover a virtual tour of Łódź worth seeing: The Piotrkowska Trail by Piotr Machlański (PDF, ca. 14 MB).


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