Several KWA members attended the Brunswick event on last Friday (21/06/2013), i.e. Michael Negele’s lecture on blindfold chess, as well as the chess auction on Saturday – it was the 64th (! – a magic chess number) auction of the house Klittich-Pfankuch. A pictorial report will still follow, here are the first photos provided by Michael Negele.



Chairman Guy Van Habberney with Roger Klittich
- KWA meeting on Friday afternoon



Many KWA members in the audience, you can spot Per Skjoldager,
Guy Van Habberney, Andreas Saremba, Jurgen Stigter, Bob van de Velde,
Godehard Murkisch, Raj Tischbierek, Bernd Schneider, Bert Corneth,
Karl and Roger Klittich as well as Mr Nolte (the heart and soul of the chess auctions).
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