Under the Flag of Tata Steel -
Wijk aan Zee 2011


Popular meeting point of chess friends: the Café De Zon

Steel blue hours among KWA friends

Again a quite sizeable group of 14 members of the Ken Whyld Association used the traditional major chess event at Wijk aan Zee – now operating under the name of Tata tournament – for an informal meeting. Thanks to the good preparatory work of Guy Van Habberney, Rob Spaans and Ron Bleeker this time we had a comfortable conference room in the pavilion free of charge at our disposal. For that explicit thanks to the organization.
(The spitting distance to the toilets inspired Guy and Tony Gillam to a "KWA toilet-gate", but there was no conspirative affair, more inspirational.)
The treasurer of the Max Euwe Centrum, Albert Riemens presented a new donation model to support the MEC which however turned out to be attractive due to tax savings only for Dutch people. Naturally we can only wish our friends at Amsterdam "good luck" with this initiative.

Arrived at Wijk: (from left) Tony Gillam, Guy Van Habberney,
Jurgen Stigter, Bert Corneth, Bob van de Velde and Henri Serruys.

As already mentioned in our little preview, this time
the KWA was above-average present.

Afterwards our chairman Guy Van Habberney told about the plans for 2011, i.e. the official KWA meetings at Bozen in May and Cleveland in August, as well as the two informal meetings at the house of Klittich in June and November and on the occasion of the book markets at the Amsterdam MEC.
Then a short report was given on the cash audit 2009 and 2010 performed in the morning in the house of Bert Corneth, as well as on the budget 2011.

Michael Negele with the Tata advertising car

For the first time I was "on trial" as treasurer, I thank Bert Corneth, Henri Serruys and of course my predecessor Guy Van Habberney for the complaisant confidence. The financial cushion of the KWA is considerable, you will soon find the corresponding information in the member section.
The currently already realized change of the account from the Netherlands to the Targobank in Germany was announced as well. [> KWA Club Account]

The Pavilion at eventide

Gennadi Sosonko commenting the games

The tournament hall - the rows in the Open have already thinned out.

Our chairman speaks...


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