Three-Round Event at Wijk aan Zee



The parliamentarian tournament, in front on the left Dr. Johan van Hulst.

The 99 (!) years old Johan van Hulst shared 1st place in the tournament!
You will find another photo of him in the Corus gallery.

Ivan Sokolow commenting the games

Mark Huba from CHESS

Lorena Zepeda - good-humoured in spite of the last place in the group.
(Click on the picture for a portrait detail!)

I especially enjoyed the conservation with Yasser Seirawan who has lived for years in Amsterdam with his wife Ivette Nagel. John Donaldson was a guest of the likable grandmaster, so I addressed him with regard to his memories of Ken Whyld. To my surprise Yasser has pointed to just this early chess contact at Nottingham in his new book coming out in May. Later on in Seattle Ken Whyld had visited the Seirawan family once again.

Yasser Seirawan and Michael Negele having fun!

John's host Ivette Nagel

Yasser Seirawan - the grandmaster's touch

After the phase of time trouble in the grandmaster tournament was over and the furnace bleeder of the steel plant flared over Wijk aan Zee, I started contentedly back for home. Maybe I will play sometime a nine-round event...

Furnace gas over Ijmuiden Hoogovens

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