Three-Round Event at Wijk aan Zee


Michael Negele, Bob van de Velde and Per Skjoldager
- Lasker researchers meet Nimzowitsch expert

John Donaldson in the Horse Club - by no means horses were an issue here!


 Bob van de Velde in conversation with...

... Per Skjoldager

So I became acquainted with our new KWA member Rob Spaans who took care of the New in Chess bookstall, met the vice president of the German Chess Federation, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weyer and finally, to my pleasure once more again Bert Corneth. Of course there were some sales at the book tables, among other things I could acquire the book which had been so impressively presented by the young author Daniel Naroditsky at the KWA meeting in San Francisco.


Rob Spaans who started for "New In Chess"

Left: DSB vice president Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weyer


Walter Mooij and Bert Corneth

Back cover of the just published book by Daniel Naroditsky; please click on the picture to enlarge the text!


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