Three-Round Event at Wijk aan Zee


Bob van de Velde, Jurgen Stigter and Gerard Welling

Ton de Vreede, Per Skjoldager with son Mikael (at the board),
in the background Calle Erlandsson


Bert Corneth at the traditional KWA book market - this time only possible in miniature.

Then to the second game which was started together with the grandmaster tournaments at 1.30 pm. This time my opponent was Han Schut (ELO 2104) from Waterloo, a Dutchman living in Belgium who had also been successful with Black in the first round. As I thought to have again Black with number 4, I was surprised to have the first move.

Expecting a tough game against Han Schut

Black totally refused to accept my early pawn sacrifice which however supplied me with a very strong position. At the expense of a pawn I played for an attack on the king to post subsequently my queen on a3 (to John’s amazement). This all would have been OK if I had called back again the "strongest piece" via c1. But I had another idea which however had a big "hole". But as on many other occasions the time trouble of my opponent brought me the "fortune of the brave" and my certainly incorrect piece sacrifice on f7 was rewarded. That I then missed a nice mate should be forgiven in the "flurry of excitement" at the end.

Negele, Michael - Schut, Han [B27]
Three-round event Wijk aan Zee (2), 16/01/2010
1.e2-e4 c7-c5 2.d2-d4 c5xd4 3.c2-c3 g7-g6 4.Bf1–c4 Bf8-g7 5.Ng1–f3 Qd8-c7 6.Bc4-b3 d7-d6 [6...d4xc3 7.Nb1xc3 Bg7xc3+ 8.b2xc3 Qc7xc3+ 9.Bc1–d2 Qc3-g7 10.Ra1–c1 Nb8-c6 11.Nf3-g5] 7.c3xd4 Ng8-f6 8.Nb1–c3 0–0 9.0–0 Nb8-c6 10.h2-h3 Nf6-d7?! 11.Bc1–e3 Nd7-b6 12.Ra1–c1 Qc7-d8 13.Qd1–d2 Nc6-a5 14.Be3-h6 Na5-c4 15.Qd2-g5 Nc4xb2 16.Bh6xg7 [16.Qg5-h4! Nb2-d3 17.Rc1–c2 e7-e6 18.Nf3-g5 Bg7-f6 19.e5!] 16...Kg8xg7 17.Nc3-e2 e7-e6 [17...Nb2-d3 18.Rc1–c3 (18.Rc1xc8 Ra8xc8 19.Qg5-d2 Nd3xf2)] 18.Qg5-d2 Nb2-a4 19.Qd2-b4 a7-a5 20.Qb4-a3 Qd8-d7 21.Rc1–c2 Rf8-d8 22.Rf1–c1?! [22.Ne2-f4 Qd7-b5 23.Rf1–b1 h7-h6 24.Qa3-c1] 22...Qd7-b5 23.Ne2-f4 Qb5-b4 24.Qa3xb4 a5xb4 25.Rc2-c7 Rd8-d7 26.Rc7xd7 Bc8xd7 27.Rc1–c7 Kg7-g8 28.Nf3-g5? [28.Nf4-d3] 28...h7-h6 29.Ng5xf7? [29.Ng5-f3] 29...Kg8xf7 30.Rc7xb7 Kf7-e8 31.Bb3xe6 Ra8-c8 32.Be6-b3 Rc8-c1+ 33.Kg1–h2 Bd7-c6? 34.Bb3-f7+ Ke8-d8 35.Nf4-e6+ Kd8-c8 36.Rb7-c7+ Kc8-b8 37.d4-d5 Rc1–f1? [37...Bc6xd5 38.Rc7xc1 Bd5xa2] 38.d5xc6 Rf1xf2 39.Rc7-b7+ Kb8-c8 40.Bf7xg6 Rf2-c2 41.Bg6-e8 Rc2xa2 42.Rb7-d7 Kc8-b8 43.Rd7-b7+ Kb8-c8 44.Be8-d7+ Nb6xd7 45.c6xd7+ [45.Rb7-c7+ Kc8-b8 46.c6xd7] 45...Kc8xb7 46.d7-d8Q Na4-b6 47.Qd8xd6 b4-b3 48.Ne6-c5+

Here you can play through the game.

The two pretty daughters of Mr Schut, Donna and Lisa could certainly comfort their father a little, after all both won their groups 2D and 2G. Sometimes I think to have started 30 years too early with chess …

Donna Schut clearly has the better position

Lisa Schut already has her own Wikipedia page:

Thus I had gained 2 full points and at the following KWA dinner in the "Horse-Club" together with Calle Erlandsson’s guests GM Kjetil Lie (Norway) and GM Nils Grandelius (Sweden) as well as the Swedish sponsor Johan Sigeman the experts deliberated on my "strategy". I announced a "French Defence" whereupon an "exchange variation" was to hope for. It was a pleasing turn for the third round that my opponent Reinier Jaquet from Tilburg (ELO 1975) really proceeded this way and that we could agree on a draw after nine moves. With it my group was won and I had plenty of time to watch the grandmasters. In addition I had to gather some impressions of the chess obsessed and in the afternoon even sunny Wijk aan Zee and had to hold extensive conservations with the chess friends to be met this Sunday.

Two supplemental galleries:
Impressions of Wijk (25 photos) and Players' gallery (24 photos)

Dinner at the Horse Club Restaurant with Scandinavian grandmasters



Calle Erlandsson with Johan Sigeman (right),
with his back to the camera Nils Grandelius.


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