Three-Round Event at Wijk aan Zee


Wijk aan Zee in the winter sun


Certainly the second tournament weekend is the ideal time for members of the KWA to visit the Corus tournament in Wijk aan Zee. Till then the events have already stabilized and particularly the chess antiquarian bookseller from Zutphen is present with a wide variety of books. If you then fancy playing a game yourself, it would make sense to participate in the rapid tournament.

But 2010 all was different as our friend John Donaldson, coming from the team world championship at Bursa in Turkey, had announced himself for a flying visit at the beginning of the tournament. For me of course it was finally the opportunity to take part in one of the legendary three-round events in Wijk aan Zee.

My opponents in group 2C were Lorena Zepeda,
Reinier Jaquet (standing, after our short draw on Sunday) and Han Schut

So I arrived on Friday evening after a somewhat stressful journey at the tournament hall and on schedule at 6.30 pm I could make the first move (together with nearly 500 further chess friends) in my "group of four" 2C. I was not aware that my opponent, WIM Lorena Zepeda (ELO 2156, from El Salvador, more precisely Cuidad Merliot) seemed to be quite prominent in the Netherlands and my game even attracted attention of several grandmasters (and of the photographers). Certainly this was not attributed to my fine play but rather to my attractive counterpart. Moreover Lorena’s sister Sonia who started in group 2B was seated next to me.


Han Schut (left) still waiting for his opponent Lorena Zepeda.
Two boards next to him his strongly playing daughter Lisa
had already begun the last game.


I had just decided in favour of the"second-best" way to win against Han Schut
and had queened the d-pawn after a strange curving around the black pawn d6.
On the right Lorena Zepeda plays against Reinier Jaquet
in order still to lose in the end from a good position.

The Zepeda sisters in the three-round event in the groups 2B and 2C. (Photo from
Saturday, first Lorena sat down at the wrong board. So I had the pleasure
to be placed between the two ladies.)

From a French Opening a complicated game developed where I could exploit small errors of my opponent and start in her time trouble the decisive attack at the queenside.

Zepeda, Lorena - Negele, Michael [A08]
Three-round event Wijk aan Zee (1), 15/01/2010
1.e2-e4 e7-e6 2.d2-d3 d7-d5 3.Nb1–d2 c7-c5 4.Ng1–f3 Nb8-c6 5.g2-g3 Bf8-d6 6.Bf1–g2 Ng8-e7 7.0–0 Bd6-c7 8.Rf1–e1 0–0 9.c2-c3 Ne7-g6 [9...b7-b6 10.e4-e5 Bc8-a6 11.Nd2-f1 d5-d4] 10.Qd1–e2 f7-f5?! 11.Nd2-f1? [11.e4xd5 e6xd5 12.d3-d4 c5xd4 13.Nf3xd4 Nc6xd4 14.c3xd4 f5-f4 15.Qe2-b5] 11...f5-f4 12.h2-h4 f4xg3 13.f2xg3 d5-d4 14.c3-c4 Ng6-e5 15.Nf3-g5 Qd8-e8 16.Nf1–h2 h7-h6 17.Ng5-h3 Qe8-g6 [17...Nc6-b4 18.Nh3-f4 g7-g5] 18.Bc1–f4 Bc8-d7 19.h4-h5 Qg6-f7 20.Re1–f1 Qf7-e7 21.a2-a3? Rf8-f7 22.Rf1–f2 Ra8-f8 23.Ra1–f1 Bd7-e8 24.Bf4-d2 Rf7xf2 25.Rf1xf2 Rf8xf2 26.Nh3xf2 Qe7-f7 27.g3-g4 Qf7-f6 28.Nh2-f3 Ne5xf3+ 29.Qe2xf3 Qf6-e5 30.Kg1–f1 Nc6-a5 31.Nf2-h3 Na5-b3 32.Bd2-f4 Qe5-f6 33.Kf1–e2 e6-e5 34.Bf4-d2 Qf6-b6 35.Bd2-e1 Nb3-c1+ 36.Ke2-f1 Qb6xb2 37.g4-g5 Qb2-c2 38.g5xh6 Qc2xd3+ 39.Qf3xd3 Nc1xd3 40.h6xg7 Be8xh5 0–1

Here you can play through the game.

Shortly after 10 pm I had won my game and went tired but satisfied to my hotel in Haarlem.

Next morning I picked up John Donaldson at the station in Beverwijk and we went to the Pavillon to wait there for the other KWA guests. John proudly presented his "silver medal" which the US team had quite surprisingly won under his team leadership at Bursa. Of course he was also happy to receive the 3.5 kg volume of the Lasker "bible" which however worried him somewhat because of the weight at the return journey.

Left: John Donaldson as a proud co-author of the Lasker monograph - decorated with the silver medal from Bursa.

For me it was especially pleasing that John had quite a lot of small presents in his luggage, among other things a brand-new biography of GM Suat Atalik (in Turkish).

Unfortunately the Pavillon was then prepared for a reception and was not available for the planned book market of the KWA. Therefore we switched to the trendy pub De Moriaan at the venue which gradually filled up about noon. There John provided me with some insights into my game and my opponent who arguably is the present girlfriend of King Loek van Wely – which explains the above interest.

John Donaldson with Ton de Vreede

In the meantime Ton de Vreede and Gerard Welling had appeared and after all Bob van de Velde, Jurgen Stigter as well as the constant Wijk aan Zee visitors Calle Erlandsson and Per Skjoldager, the latter in company of his son Mikael, arrived. Unfortunately we had to improvise more or less the book market, everyone could just take a look at my two boxes. Later on we still met Peter de Jong, so some additional autographs were eternalized in the Lasker book.


Gerard Welling has joined us
- Lasker seems to be "omnipresent".

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