"Winter Games" in Wijk

Regional Dutch KWA Meeting
with International Participation
Wijk aan Zee, 2009



R.B. & Bob van de Velde

Then in the early afternoon departure to Wijk, we missed the start of the penultimate round – our morning discussion had dragged on a little longer than intended.

In front of the Corus poster:
Ralf Binnewirtz and
Bob van de Velde

There was only limited time to observe the tournament events including the supporting programme as our regional KWA meeting together with the book market took up the main part of the afternoon. Nevertheless we have brought numerous snapshots of the playing hall, a selection is compiled here in two galleries: Gallery I / Gallery II (25 + 23 photos). In the penultimate round many players were obviously very highly tense, some wandered restlessly about the playing area ...

Im Turniersaal

A view of the playing area

An additional gallery (17 photos) will illuminate our internal meeting which took place in the commentary tent. After a short flying visit two Dutch members (Jan van Reek and Hans Engberts) were no longer present but nevertheless we still counted considerable 11 members (Ralf Binnewirtz, Bert Corneth, bernd ellinghoven, Calle Erlandsson, Gunnar Finnlaugsson, Guy van Habberney, Michael Negele, Henri Serruys, Per Skjoldager, Jurgen Stigter, Bob van de Velde), in addition the Swedish chess journalist Lars Grahn had joined in as a guest.

Kleine Diskussionsrunde

Small board meeting after the book market; not in the picture: (photographer) Michael Negele and Bert Corneth.

Booklet composing tourney
Subsequent to our discussion we could only just attend the final presentation of the first "Corus Endgame Studies Day", about that a short picture series (8 photos) as well. As a complete surprise, 18-year-old Dutchman Twan Burg could win first prize in the solving contest, even outdistancing quite clearly the favourite GM John Nunn and other crack solvers (see also the short report by Yochanan Afek on the Corus web site).

On the left: the booklet on the composing tourney (printed by -be- à aix-la-chapelle)

Another visit of the playing hall was Michael Negele’s "undoing" as his mobile phone rang unexpectedly (he was convinced to have turned it off). Of course the arbiter was immediately on the spot and Michael was forced to give a donation – whole 10 € went into the fine pot.

Schiedsrichter mit Bußgeldtopf

No mobile phones! – The chief arbiter with the "Boetepot"
(1st time: € 10 – 2nd time: € 25 –
3rd time: you are sent off the hall!)


The receipt made out to Michael

At the close of the day the still present hard core of eight participants went to dine in the nearby Horse Club restaurant:

R.B., Calle Erlandsson & Lars Grahn

Still sitting there without a drink ... (on the right Lars Grahn)
At the next table in the background Vassily Ivanchuk,
a little better visible in the enlarged detail below.

Wassili Iwantschuk
Vassily Ivanchuk’s result in this elite tournament (11th place in the end) was quite sad, on this penultimate day as well he could – with the white pieces – hold Dominguez only to an early draw.


At this table the idea was born for a new Icelandic
book project (to be finished in 2010) –
hopefully it will not remain an idea only.

View of the other end of the table: finally Per Skjoldager and
Michael Negele are caught in a photo too!


Gruppenbild vor dem Horse Club

The final group photo in front of the "Horse Club"


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