"Winter Games" in Wijk

Regional Dutch KWA Meeting
with International Participation
Wijk aan Zee, 2009


Like in the years before, this time as well the visit of the Corus tournament was combined with a regional meeting of our association which had been set for the Saturday of the last February weekend. There was still a previous visit of the Royal Library The Hague on the agenda for two of the three German participants, Michael Negele and the reporter (R.B.), which should above all serve some further research for our Lasker book project. We will tell only that: the results concerning the photos taken from the Rueb scrapbooks can really be called sensational.

First impressions of The Hague on late Friday morning – we were met by a piercing cold wind.

KB in Den Haag

A view of the Royal Library inside

Unser Webmaster in der KB

Our webmaster had arrived at the "open" chess department
of the "Koninklijke Bibliotheek".

The majority of the chess literature is stored today in "closed" archives or stacks. It is possible to take a look partly by lending, partly only by means of microfilms.

In the picture: a medieval chess motif on the wall

On Saturday morning a meeting with our Dutch friends Bob van de Velde and Peter de Jong took place, after all a lot of smaller issues had to be clarified in Bob’s bridge contribution to the Lasker biography. Peter de Jong’s contribution on "Lasker in Holland" could already be admired in a very impressive layout, the author was very much taken with it.

Ralf B. und Bob van de Velde

Ralf Binnewirtz and Bob van de Velde in a good mood
during the meeting in the Hotel de Weyman (Santpoort)

Michael Negele & Peter de Jong

Michael Negele had brought a Laska travel set
and familiarized Peter de Jong shortly with the rules.

M. Negele, Bob van de Velde, P. de Jong

Our Dutch bridge expert showed some
enthusiasm for Laska as well.

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