Full of zest into the New Year 2005



Also on Sunday, 23rd of January the programme was closely packed but very interesting:
Paying a short visit to Bert Corneth in Leidschendam allowed us to look at his marvellous collection of exquisite books, and the joint trip to Wijk aan Zee gave sufficient chance to talk about the near future.

Bert Corneth
Bert Corneth in front of his "treasures".


Corus Chess Tournament 2005

Tournament room

The tournament room

on Saturday:
Lex Jongsma
Vlastimil Hort.
Lex Jongsma & Vlastimil Hort

Genna Sosonko

It was Genna Sosonko's turn on Sunday.

Bert Corneth and
Michael Negele
Bert and Michael

Michael, Bert and Hans

Michael Negele,
Bert Corneth and
Hans Engberts

Picture gallery of the tournament (incl. 25 photos by Hans-Walter Höhl).

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