Full of zest into the New Year 2005


Two further meetings of the "German-Dutch-Alliance" this winter gave the opportunity for intensive discussions and first concrete arrangements on the general meeting at Amsterdam and especially on the further board work of the Ken Whyld Association in the years to come.

In the middle of January we felt again the lure of Wijk aan Zee as this year’s Corus tournament once more promised to be a chess gem.

[My companion (and top photographer) Hans-Walter Höhl shot many pictures of the tournament, you will find them in our gallery (link at the bottom of next page).]

Therefore the idea of arranging a regional meeting with the Dutch members of the KWA seemed to suggest itself: they met quite spontaneously on Saturday, 22nd of January, 2005 on the fringe of the tournament for a coffee or a tea - Geurt Gijssen, René van der Heijden, Pierre Voss and Hans Engberts soon got into lively conversation with each other.
Jupp Jacobs, a friend of Hans joined the obligatory group photo in front of the tournament room:

group photo

from left: René van der Heijden, Michael Negele, Pierre Voss,
Geurt Gijssen, Hans Engberts and Jupp Jacobs

Geurt Gijssen,
René van der Heijden
and Pierre Voss

Apart from the KWA meeting there was also a meeting with other chess friends such as the CC world champion and enthusiastic collector Gert Jan Timmerman.
M.N. & Gert Timmerman

Then in the evening a fantastic Thai dinner (not too hot!) in Utrecht, just after the "pillage" of Engbert's antiquarian bookshop on the Oude Gracht. Naturally Jurgen Stigter had to be present at that event in which he was more active as a "supplier" and as a "valuer".

in Hans' antiquarian bookshop
Hans Engbert in his Utrecht antiquarian bookshop together with Jurgen Stigter.

Hans Engberts,
René van der Heijden, Hans-Walter Höhl
and Jurgen Stigter
in the Thai restaurant.
Dinner in the Thai restaurant

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