Chess Enthusiasts at Warsaw

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Tomasz taking a tea break at home

I am very happy that there was now the opportunity to visit my modest friend and co-operator in his "workshop". And I was amazed about the quite respectable amount of chess literature which could be admired there, so far having regarded Tomasz not at all as a "collector" but as a "hunter". But due to the generosity of the son he could gain considerable parts of Jerzy Gizycki's collection, certainly a firm footing for own chess tours into the past.

In the author's workshop


In the later evening I had the chance (without Tomasz who regretted that very much) to take a short tour of a city with a promising future and a great past.

Evidence thereof are some pictures of the historic city center of Warsaw and a "seemingly futuristic" night shot of the Palace of Culture in best "gingerbread style".

The marketplace of Warsaw


The Palace of Culture

The Warsaw Castle

Altogether the Polish metropolis seems me to be on the best path into the 21st century, the Polish chess community preserves - not least by the tireless work of our KWA member Tomasz Lissowski - the long chess tradition of Zukertort, Winawer, Rubinstein, Tartakover, Przepiórka and Najdorf.

His latest work - together with the young author Paweł Dudziński - reports on the occasion of the 80th club anniversary (1930-2010) of the chess club at Ostrów Wielkopolski (Ostrowo in Great Poland; with inspiring colour pictures inter alia on the chess player (and collector) Arthur Rohde.

The photo of the Polish BAYER branch may prove that it was a business trip after all ...

Michael Negele


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