Chess Enthusiasts at Warsaw

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Once more a short business trip allowed me a much too short visit to one of my chess friends, this time Warsaw was on the programme. Fortunately Tomasz Lissowski could welcome me - in spite of my delay and the intense afternoon rush hour - in my (very modern) hotel.

Fast as the wind I moved into the room on the 10th floor - the construction of the elevator in the Hotel Westin was breathtaking, it was still necessary to visit his publisher Jerzy Moras in his one-person publishing house. Fortunately people are patient in Poland so that we still met Jerzy there.

The imposing elevator of the Hotel Westin

Hard to believe is the personal commitment of Mr. Moras who has published his magazine "Panorama Szachowa" and numerous chess books as original editions and translations into Polish for nearly 20 years. The former Sergeant of the Polish army has completely dedicated himself to this passion after his (early) retirement. The Polish chess players (and we collectors) should be grateful to him (and to his like-minded persons scattered all over the world).

Jerzy Moras



Artistic chess pictures in Jerzy Moras' office


The photo below shows my "prey" through the publishing program of "Penelopa" -

Jerzy Moras with Tomasz Lissowski

One of the "main authors" of Penelopa, that is my long-standing friend Tomasz, gives his full attention with a similar dedication. Besides meanwhile 11 chess books (and his fundamental contribution to the Lasker biography) numerous articles and naturally his internet publications at are important results of his indefatigable research work.

Tomasz Lissowski's works

Michael Negele and Tomasz Lissowski

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