In glorious, sunny weather
to the Northern Netherlands


At the start of this year's Tata Steel tournament some meetings with KWA participation were on the programme, stopovers of our journey were Leidschendam, Wijk aan Zee and Amsterdam: Besides the cash audit at Bert Corneth's home which was scheduled for late Saturday morning (14/01/2012), in the afternoon of the same day there was an informal KWA meeting in the tournament pavilion of Wijk where we could count the considerable number of 19 attending members. A get-together in a smaller circle was planned at Bob van de Velde in Amsterdam for the following Sunday, beside Michael Negele and your reporter (Ralf Binnewirtz) also (with some delay) Tony Gillam, Andreas Saremba and Jurgen Stigter had appeared.

Henri Serruys and Bert Corneth during the cash audit
in Leidschendam

Apart from a small summation error which had been spotted by Bert Corneth in the income/expenses statement there were no objections at all, so the audit could swiftly be finished.

The documents linked below are only available in our member's area:
Income/Expenses of the KWA 2011 (PDF)
Financial Report 2011 (Excel file)
Budget Proposal for 2012 (PDF)

It should be mentioned that the former Dutch club account at the Rabo Bank has been closed meanwhile. Fortunately all members have paid their fee for 2011.
The membership fees remain unchanged also in 2012. Our exchange ratio for € to US$ was fixed at 1,30 (1 € = 1,30 US$).

Additional items which were discussed (continued in the meeting at Wijk in the afternoon):
- The newly introduced non-contributory junior membership up to the age
  of 35: It was proposed to take out ads in the most widespread chess
  magazines (in Germany, GB, USA as well as in New In Chess). Moreover
  a member should be found who will mainly deal with the marketing
  activities of the KWA.
- A non-contributory membership for East European chess historians and
  chess historians from developing countries. In return these should regularly
  contribute to our CSQ newsletter.
  In many regions of this world (Latin/South America, Africa, Asia, Russia)
  the KWA is very poorly or not represented at all!

After the cash audit where we could enjoy the obliging hospitality of Regina and Bert Corneth we moved on to Wijk aan Zee. But there was only a short time left to visit the tournament arena as the KWA meeting in the pavilion was of course obligatory. Below we offer a small selection of photographs.

In front of the tournament hall: Bernd Schneider with his wife, Bob van de Velde,
Jurgen Stigter and Harrie Grondijs

Henri Serruys, Bert Corneth, Guy Van Habberney and Ton de Vreede

From left: Jurgen Stigter, Andreas Saremba (standing), Harrie Grondijs,
Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, Peter de Jong and Tony Gillam (with pea soup).

Our new Dutch member Nico Pos was welcomed with applause.

Ron Bleeker, Henri Serruys and Rob Spaans

Next to the board (in persona Michael Negele and Guy Van Habberney)
with their back to the camera: Ton de Vreede and Geurt Gijssen.

Bernd Schneider and Calle Erlandsson
this time sitting in the second row (due to space constraints!).


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