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Ado Kraemer -
Eine biographische Skizze mit zahlreichen Zugaben

by Ralf J. Binnewirtz

Cloth bound
collector's edition

Kuhn†/Murkisch series No. 45,
288 + xviii pages, with 269 diagrams and 19 pictures (2 in color), indexes of sources, names and themes.
Published by Nightrider Unlimited, Treuenhagen 2012
ISBN 978-3-935586-13-9.

Edition of 200 (paperback) + 50 (hardcover) copies

Order from: Verlagsbuchhandlung Godehard Murkisch, Herbartweg 3, D-37083 Göttingen, Germany
E-mail: murchess[at]

Paperback edition:
Price for members: 17.- €,
for non-members: 24.- €
- postage included only in Germany.

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Paperback edition

Title page with a famous

four-mover of A. Kraemer and E. Zepler

Ado Kraemer, famous problem composer of the Logical-New German Problem School, is not only presented here with his unsettled life story but also with more than 260 of his problems, usually reproduced as diagrams and furnished with detailed solutions. Most of the selected problems and studies have not been included in the Kraemer/Zepler work Im Banne des Schachproblems, nevertheless the reader will find here many a masterpiece which would have been suited for that anthology. A recapitulatory appreciation of Kraemer's problem production is added on 3 pages subsequent to the biographical part. A whole lot of quotes and short articles by and on Ado Kraemer have been worked in which will contribute to shed light on Kraemer's personality.

Moreover for the first time Ado Kraemer is presented in this work as an OTB player (Master of Westfalia 1923, shared with Dr. A. Schäfer), all known Kraemer games are gathered in the annexe. The book has been carefully proofread by the editor, Godehard Murkisch who has also contributed a foreword.

Further information is provided by the Introduction / Einleitung and the Contents; besides the special Kraemer page at the author's Homepage (in German only).

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