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German Edition of the Biography on Zukertort

The first book project of the Ken Whyld Association after its foundation was finished at the beginning of August, 2005 when the Zukertort biography was brought out by the Exzelsior Publishing House Berlin. It is thanks to the intensive cooperation of the authors Cezary W. Domanski & Tomasz Lissowski, of the translator Thomas Lemanczyk, of the publisher's reader Michael Negele and of the publisher Raj Tischbierek that this work under the title Der Großmeister aus Lublin. Wahrheit und Legende über Johannes Hermann Zukertort (288 p., hardcover, ISBN 3-935800-03-7; shop price 29.- Euro) is available to the chess public in German language within only 3 years after the publication of the Polish original. Those interested are requested to pay attention to the message (pdf-file) of Michael Negele who you may also write to via this contact form.

As a further appetizer we would like to offer you an "online reprint" of Richard Forster's article "More about Potter" (Late Knight No. 26). The article was slightly corrected/revised by the author - it includes some attractive encounters between Potter and Zukertort at the chess board!

Zukertort biography

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At the moment remainders are still available for a reasonable price, i.e. 25.- Euro (incl. postage). Those interested are requested to turn to Michael Negele (

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