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Jurgen Stigter

Jurgen Stigter

The comprehensive bibliographical recording of the entirety of chess literature in a database is certainly a very ambitious undertaking, which can only be realized to a large extent and in a reasonable time by means of a worldwide network. Chess friends of all countries and continents are asked to contribute to the success of this project by giving their assistance.

The initiator of this idea was the Dutch collector Jurgen Stigter, whose appeal led to the formation of the "Amsterdam Group" in November 2002.

A prototype of our database has been online since February 2006, it’s now still a subject of further tests and therefore not generally available at the moment. In due course a link to our "BoC" = Bibliography of Chess will be installed on this page, i.e. password protected and exclusively for our members.

As a data transfer from worldwide existing data stocks (catalogues, bibliographies etc.) has proved not to be practicable the BoC should be fed at first with data from the private collections of KWA members. The continuous management and expansion of these data will be an essential concern for our members.

You will find the hierarchic database concept worked out by Andreas Saremba in our Member's Area.