Successful Meeting in spite of British Weather

KWA General Meeting in Norwich
13-15 April, 2012

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Sunday morning we went to Bletchley Park, after all 2.5 h to ride. Unfortunately the Grondijs couldn't join us as they didn't travel by car and had to return to Norwich – where their plane had arrived directly from Amsterdam.

I had already reported about Bletchley Park before (see
On a Flying Visit to Bletchley Park), it was my second visit now and certainly not my last. The Sarembas and Van de Veldes looked impressed, but the other attendants as well, particularly the Hardings and Steve Giddins. Jurgen Stigter made again some waves because of much luggage and transfer to London ...

Bletchley Park Mansion

Calle Erlandsson, Jurgen Stigter, Steve Giddins, Michael Negele
und die drei Ehepaare Harding, Van de Velde and Saremba.
(Photo taken by Per Skjoldager)

In the auditorium

Reconstruction of the Colossus computer

Alan Turing statue

About Alan Turing

The Tragedy of Turing

The Apology

Cipher machine Enigma:
(in German only)

Enigma & the Bombe

Chess masters as cryptographers

C. Hugh O'D. Alexander

Stuart Milner-Barry

Entry to the Churchill Museum ...

... presenting countless memorabilia.

Our Gallery 4 presents 30 additional pictures from the visit to Bletchley Park.

The intended visit to Brompton (Zukertort's grave) - Mike Sheehan arguably appeared there at the cemetery and missed us - was cancelled due to the advanced time, the traffic jam on the M11 and the beginning hailstorm at temperatures below 10°C. The accompanying ladies were happy about my turn into the direction Radisson Hotel Stansted, and it was "rewarded" with a fine evening meal in the Italian restaurant there.

Finally sincere thanks go to Kathleen and Owen Hindle as well as to Michael Clapham, but also to those who made the book market possible.

Text: Michael Negele
Photos: Andreas Saremba, Michael Negele & Guy Van Habberney

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