Successful Meeting in spite of British Weather

KWA General Meeting in Norwich
13-15 April, 2012

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Bernard Cafferty dealt with
"130 Years of British Chess Magazine"

Tony Gillam with his favourite subject:
"Lost chess books"

Per Skjoldager presented the recently founded Lund Chess Academy
where Calle Erlandsson is involved as well. See for that also
Steve Giddins' Blog entry as well as the above linked
report by Tim Harding.

Andreas Saremba has resumed the work on our BoC,
at first a database of chess personalities
("New Gaige") will be tackled.

Here the presentation on the project tobiblion: Tools for Bibliographers' and Librarians' Open Networking (PDF/0.5 MB; in the member section)

Further links:
- Topics of the general meeting, compiled by Michael Negele
- Guy Van Habberney's Report on the member assembly

There was also voted on the Zukertort donation, some didn't agree and abstained from voting.
Afterwards the book market, mainly "equipped" by Mike Sheehan, Tony Peterson and Michael Clapham. I didn't buy much, only a quite high-priced Murray on Board games other than Chess.

At the book market: Harrie Grondijs, Mike Sheehan,
Calle Erlandsson and Tony Gillam


Steve Giddins with the big Lasker monograph.
Steve was the first who posted a note on our
meeting in his blog: Oasis of civilisation!

Our Gallery 3 offers 21 additional photographs from the meeting (including the chess exhibit and the book market).

A fine dinner in the George Hotel followed, in a good mood and with a clearly better price-performance ratio. I had a great conversation with Jimmy Adams about his Breyer book project, I am very curious.

The evening meal in the George Hotel

The menu card
signed by the attendees

Jimmy Adams, Kathleen and Owen Hindle

Gordon Cadden

Tony Gillam

Jimmy Adams and Michael Negele


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