Successful Meeting in spite of British Weather

KWA General Meeting in Norwich
13-15 April, 2012

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Due to the rain, we went a little earlier to the fish restaurant Loch Fyne, the atmosphere was excellent there, the service was kind, the quality of the meal however "variable". But I found the atmosphere very pleasantly light and friendly, not the rule in English pubs or inns.

In front of the fish restaurant

Dinner at Loch Fyne

Our Gallery 2 shows 39 photographs from the tour of the city and from the dinner.

Relatively far into the night I still pottered about on my lecture, when my "room mate" Jurgen Stigter asked me aplenty questions about Twiss and his chemistry book.

Next morning at a (very good) breakfast, I could briefly talk with Bernard Cafferty and Steve Giddins about the "BCM affair", it was quite funny. We started on schedule at 9.30 am, to our great pleasure Michael Clapham (the wonderful chess pictures provided by him had been hung on the wall) and Kathleen & Owen Hindle had prepared a small chess exhibition in the large meeting room. Technically everything worked properly as well, if you ignore that for a short time Jurgen pulled the plug on the projector...

Michael Clapham's appearance

Items from the chess exhibition

Who doesn't know this gentleman?

The lectures have started

Especially Owen Hindle's contribution has impressed me, but also Gordon Cadden presented his research convincingly - even if Tim Harding still doesn't seem to agree completely.
In the course of the morning also Tony Peterson and Jimmy Adams joined us, with surprise guest Ray Cannon on their coat-tails. (In the end Kathleen and Ray became new members and paid without resistance 30 GBP "special tariff".)

Tim Harding gave a lecture on "Eminent Victorian Chess Players"
- here his Presentation as PDF (0.6 MB; in the member section).
He has also reported on our assembly in his Kibitzer column
An Unusual Chess Congress in Norwich

Owen Hindle's presentation topic was "I.O. Howard Taylor
and the Golden Days of the Norwich Chess Club":
Howard Taylor (PDF/10.8 MB; member section)


Our treasurer Michael Negele talked about
"John Keeble – Chess Historians have to take responsibilities":
John Keeble (PDF/6.2 MB; member section)

Gordon Cadden on Sleuthing for Philidor's grave
(PDF/3 MB; member section)

Coffee break: Tony Peterson and Raymond Cannon

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