Successful Meeting in spite of British Weather

KWA General Meeting in Norwich
13-15 April, 2012

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The witty travel report of an insider

At about 5.15 am in the morning, I started from Wuppertal via Düsseldorf and Stansted towards East Anglia. Due to my business trips to Norwich there were no orientation problems, we safely arrived at the George Hotel already before 11 am, but there were no rooms available (only from 2 pm).


Travel with the Sarembas and Van de Veldes -
room for five is in the smallest Astra
(But the luggage: much volume, little weight)

The George Hotel

Despite a light rain we went together with Guy Van Habberney and the Grondijs family to the coastal Cromer to enjoy there (finally, for me) the famous Cromer crabs.

At Cromer pier

A crustacean in the "Crabbing Bucket"

From left: Michael Negele, Andreas Saremba,
Rieneke van Zutphen, Hendrik Grondijs, Bob van de Velde,
Marie-Theres Saremba, Harrie Grondijs

Back in the George Hotel, all guests had arrived in the meantime (apart from Jimmy Adams and Tony Peterson, both announced for Saturday).

Here 18 additional photographs from the visit to Cromer and some further arrivals in the hotel: Gallery 1.

Mike Sheehan, Bernard Cafferty and Steve Giddins
in the hotel bar


Guy Van Habberney with Owen Hindle

At about 4 pm we started - with tea (or coffee or even a beer) - a short KWA session where Guy Van Habberny once again described our concerns.


Our chairman opens the session

At 5.30 pm the group (without Cafferty and Giddins) started for a tour of the ancient city of Norwich, in spite of the beginning rain we saw everything (except the nice houses on the Wensum), particularly the interior of the Cathedral deeply impressed me. (Naturally I had never seen it before during my business trips, as being closed from 6.30 pm.)


Tony Gillam, Marie-Theres Saremba, Gordon Cadden,
Winifred van de Velde, Bob van de Velde

Jurgen Stigter with Tim and Joan Harding

Inside Norwich Cathedral - the nave

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